Trouble in Paradise


Unfortunately the lack of wifi doesn’t just inhibit my facebook use but more importantly my ability to commmunicate to my friends not only here but at home! To top things off my phone is dead. May Henry rest in peace, I have no idea what your cause of death was since I was simply holding you in my hand when you passed but you lived a valiant life!

So I am without a phone which is very frustrating and creates another myriad of problems in my daily life, such as not having an alarm, music to listen to, a way to call home,a way to contact my roommates, a way to tell time,etc.

And yet I am not to unhappy because after all I am in a beautiful country and have too much to do to be frustrated for long.



Intro to Orvieto!

Today was the first full day in Orvieto!  We got into our apartments at about 11:00pm last night after being delayed in dallas by three hours which then of course messed up our flight to Rome out of Madrid, so needless to say the travel here was long and tiring.
But we are here! and there is very minimal jetlag just your basic run of the mill exhaustion.
Some of you may know that I came on with a cough just a few days before I left, perfect timing right?!? So traveling with that was not miserable but certainly no where near enjoyable. Thus my first morning here I was not cheery  nor happy that I was here in all honesty. None the less I got up and stepped outside and was instantly soothed by the cool wet air that smells faintly of burning firewood. While the cool wet climate is not the best for my health I do love the smell of rain. And if you thought it was great in the states, well it is just wonderful here in Orvieto with the cobblestones and curvy alley ways and streets.
My living arrangements are great! My roommates and I (four including me) have a cute apartment off of the corso (main passageway) about ten minutes walking from the study center. There are not separate bedrooms but two separate areas that have two beds each with a living room/kitchen in between. I really think we will love it here, it will be very comfortable once we settle in!
As cute as our apartment is, finding it without our landlord was a little difficult the first time….the four of us had just eaten a late dinner in the piazza de popolo and found fellow students of ours and decided to go look at everyone’s apartments. So when it was our turn we took our tour group of nine guys to see our living arrangements, well it started in the right direction but quickly turned into a guessing game of which no descript alley our apartment was down, this lasted for thirty minutes but it felt like a hour of multiple guesses and no right answer. Finally we found our apartment and at this point I was quite tired and cranky so I unpacked some necessities and went to sleep zzzzzz…
This morning was a nice slow introduction to the study center and the town, we had a lovely lunch that was prepared for us at a local restaurant, with wonderful wine, salads, meats, cheeses and soup! All finished off with a caffe con latte (espresso with milk), DELICIOUSO!!
After lunch we toured the city and then went our separate ways to get groceries and thing s we need and now it is time for dinner! The leftovers from last night, some wonderful pizza and some wine we just bought!
A dopo!
*Today was actually last Thursday 1/23, just now getting the internet!!!!

6 days!


Oh my! It’s hard to believe my semester adventure begins in less than a week! I am very busy making lists and checking items off of that list and then making more lists just so I don’t forget a thing! As my days in the U.S dwindle down I am contemplating what I should do in my last few days……..