A little bit about Vincenze


Our second day of the class trip was spent in Vicenze. Vicenze is home to a lot of Palladio’s work so he was our main focus in this city. We visited Teatro Olimpica and Villa Rotunda.  We also visited Brion Cemetery by Carlo Scarpa.

Brion Cemetery was another remarkable work by Scarpa, very intricate and fascinating. Also narcissistic because this giant cemetery was for one family but whatever. I again took a little cat nap in the sun, always the highlight of my day, and then we headed back into town.

Teatro Olimpica was cool, the main object of focus was the built backdrop for the theatre. It was a beautiful work of art, built in perspective. Another work by Palladio was Villa Rotunda, after walking five different wrong ways to get there we finally found it and spent some time on the grounds and in the Villa. The most impressive thing about the Villa is how symmetrical it is. It was really remarkable to walk around the grounds and sit and sketch.

Before we got on the bus to go to Venice I stopped and played with some dogs that were in a yard right by our bus. I would like to say that the Villa was better but lets be real here nothing beats playing with a dog. 

Our next stop was Venice…



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