The last leg of the class trip was spent on the island of Venice! I had heard a few things about Venice in the past, mainly that it was stinky and sinking. I was more than pleasantly surprised when we arrived, Venice was so beautiful!

The city was built on marsh lands with stone and wooden pylons so it is a canal city. Every part of the city was beautiful, the buildings, the bridges, the water. At times it did stink but not anymore than when I get a whiff of manure at home so the beauty always outweighed the stench.

It also happened to be beautiful weather the time we were there so we spent a lot of time outside soaking up the sun. As a class we visited Doges palace and took a tour of the city, walking through the tiny winding streets and over the canals. One thing that some people might not know is that while there are bridges over these canals, they may not be what everyone thinks of as a typical bridge. These bridges are stepped so they are not just a single ramp but a few steps on either side, some more step than others, but all are stepped, these are Venetian bridges.

I would say that Venice has been one of my favorite Italian cities so far I would go back in a heartbeat. It was just so beautiful to look at, all of the boats and the water and the beautiful architecture, just wonderful!!!

After Venice my roommates and I headed out to the rest of Europe for our spring break adventure!!


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