Spring Break : Part 1


Our spring break began when we were released in Venice from our class trip. From Venice my roommates and I went to Milan for the night to basically sleep because we were waking up early the next morning to day trip to Lugano, Switzerland.

We arrived in Switzerland bright and early with a whopping 14 hours to kill before we were to head back to Milan for the night. You might be asking why did we not just stay in Switzerland? Because it is expensive, that’s why.

We stepped off the train and quickly found a place to store our bags and also quickly found ourselves in trouble when we deposited euros into the machine instead of francs and promptly broke the locker. What a great start right? Our problems were solved by red faced frustrated swiss-italian, its really hard to tell who is who in Lugano because it’s so close to the border, and went to exchange our currency.

As we wandered toward the city center we were all quickly enamored by the charming town of Lugano, and then we found the lake and were just completely awestruck!

Since we had so much time to kill we decided to take a leisurely boat ride to a nearby town for lunch. The town was called Gandria and was basically nothing except the amazing restaurant we found that looked out onto the beautiful mountains and the lake. We spent about two hours just sitting and eating and sketching and drinking wine. I would say that we stayed two hours because the view was amazingly beautiful but that wouldn’t be the whole truth. While the scenery was a huge plus, the extremely attractive waiter pretty much sealed the deal on where we were to spend our time in Gandria.

After we arrived back in Lugano we did what all girls do, go shopping 🙂  After we were exhausted from swiping our cards and carrying bags, who are we kidding we can’t afford to shop that much, we proceeded to find a place to eat and I had the most delicious meal since lunch that day.

I had potatoes with cheese and an egg on top, so simple, yet so delicious and the combination had been dearly missed by my taste buds. Well fed and happy we headed back up to take a train back to Milan for the night. 

The next day we would head on to our second destination, Amsterdam…. 


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