Spring Break : Part 2


For the second part of our spring break adventure we headed to Holland! Specifically Amsterdam, and before all of you out there start getting the giggles, because yes we all know what Amsterdam is known for, no that is NOT why we went. We all had Amsterdam in mind as a destination for one main reason, Anne Frank.

All of us have grown up with story and as young women I think we all relate in ways to her story. The Anne Frank House and Museum was our first stop in our two day excursion of Amsterdam. Our experience there was unforgettable. We bought our tickets before hand so we didn’t have to wait in line and we got a 30 minute introduction to the house and the history of the Frank family.

The procession through the house was intense, I don’t think we spoke to each other once except for when I of course hit my knee really hard on the staircase, but we were all reverent and stunned into silence.

After our tour we decided to have a pick me up of sorts and get some sweets and coffee. I didn’t really expect Amsterdam to be as beautiful as it was. I was so enchanted by this city and the dutch row houses with the interlacing canals, it was really wonderful. Also the dutch culture loves their French fries so of course I really chose to embrace this. I actually only got fries once and did not choose to eat them traditionally with mayonnaise, ew….

Other attractions on our list were the Van Gogh museum which was wonderful, I am a fan of impressionism so I really enjoyed this. Kelsey and I also decided to spend some time in Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, which does sound corny but it was actually really fun and definitely worth it! The rest of our time during the day was spent doing some more shopping and drinking one of the best chai teas I have ever had and just taking in Amsterdam, the good, the weird, and the just plain bizarre.

On our last night we had a Red Light District Tour set up. I was a little hesitant at first since its the Red Light District but our tour guide was a really nice older women who was from the states but had been living as a artist in Amsterdam for about 26 years! She had a lot to say about the history of the district and about the current proceedings of the area. It was definitely a little weird and not necessarily in my comfort zone but I learned a lot about the history of the city so I would say it was worth it.

After our tour we had a little fun and sat at a bar across from some “shop windows” and watch guys go in and out and timed how long the average customer would be inside. I know its sadistic and wrong and very inappropriate but hey when in Amsterdam…..

The next day we were off to our final destination and my homeland……….Africa!


Just kidding we went to Ireland, duh!!



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