Spring Break: Part 3


In our final leg of our adventure we headed to Dublin, the land of my people! We intentionally missed St. Patricks Day by a day to avoid the chaos and arrived in a some what calmer Ireland.

We arrived and found food and then proceeded to the Guinness Factory! It was a fairly leisurely walk to the factory and we bought tickets before hand so we didn’t wait very long. Now I am not a huge fan of Guinness itself, I know blasphemous, but I still wanted to see the factory and here the story of this insanely successful Irish company.

The factory and exhibit was so interesting and really designed well. We spent a good four hours walking around, learning to pour the perfect pint, and accidentally meeting up with some of our guy friends in the gravity bar on the top floor. On a side note the gravity bar was awesome because it provided a 360 degree view of Dublin, quite lovely. We of course hit up the retail area for souvenirs and gifts, this is where my trip to Dublin got interesting….

I just happened to be perusing around the upstairs area and I went to walk around a display and didn’t see the footing, tripped over the ledge and face planted on the floor! So picture me sprawled over the floor right as I was going to talk to my friends so I am basically at their feet and then of course there is a random lady right there as well. Of course Renee and Lindsey who were standing there couldn’t stop laughing and the lady was very concerned for my well being. I  tried telling her I was fine through my tears from laughing so hard but I think she was still a little worried.

In my usual fashion I also happened to take out a few shot glasses with me when I fell. Luckily the guy working there understood and didn’t make me pay for them.

So after a raucous time at the Guinness Factory we headed back to change and get some dinner!

I had some extremely delicious fish and chips at the bar below our hostel and then we proceeded to mingle and hang out for the night. We met a group of guys that consisted of two Irishmen and an Australian, it sounds like a bad joke I know, and it kind of was hahaha


The next two days we invested in a ticket that allowed us to use a bus system at our leisure to tour all of the wonderful sites of Ireland! We spent time in all of the famous land marks and cathedrals and enjoyed the parks and the zoo Dublin had to offer. It really was a great two days taking in the culture and learning history from each site.

On our last day we decided to take a day trip outside of the city to see some beautiful Irish countryside! We took a day tour to Kilkenny, Glendalough, and stopped in the Wicklow mountains. It was a really awesome day tour, we saw a castle and toured some caves and took in the beautiful countryside. We did encounter some rain so we hauled up in a hotel and drank some tea for a few hours. Still worth our trip out of Dublin!

It was our last night in Dublin and we had a 6:30 flight back to Rome the next morning, so we decided to get some rest and pack….yeah right! We stayed out and had fun until the bar closed and then proceeded to the airport with our faces painted with glittery shamrocks, a lovely event from the evening, and then headed back to our home in Orvieto!

All in all spring break was amazing and wonderful and I am still in disbelief that I just went to all those places!

I am glad to be back in Orvieto only if to be able to do laundry! In reality though it is nice to be back here, I did miss my Orvieto quite a bit!


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