The past few weeks…


Our field trips since we got back from spring break have mainly consisted of visiting beautiful villas around Italy on our Friday day trips. My favorite villa that we visited was Villa d’Este. It was so beautiful with blossoming flowers and fountains everywhere. Our trips to the Villa’s really helped kick start spring!

We also took a trip to Milan for the Salone furniture show which is probably considered the mecca for designers. So much cool furniture, kitchens, tables, and even really pretty toilets! We spent the entire day gazing at miles and miles of wonderfully designed home items.

On the next day we had a few hours in Milan before heading to Siena that evening so we decided to go see the famous Milan Cathedral.

A side note, we had to carry our bags with us all day because the line at the baggage check in the train station was sooooooo long that we couldn’t wait so the day got a little more interesting with our bags.

The Cathedral was gorgeous, we haven’t seen anything like it before! Such a beautiful work of gothic architecture, it was so breathtaking to behold, the vast amount of details was mind boggling.

That night we headed to Siena for a study tour with our beloved Marco the following day.

Our day in Siena did not start out well….

We got lost on our way to the meeting point for the day and at one point we weren’t even sure we would find our group. It was about 30-45 minutes of frustrated yelling and crankiness, thankfully everyone survived and we found our group and didn’t miss a thing!

Siena was gorgeous and we enjoyed most of the day there until we headed back to Orvieto.