Buona Pasqua!


I have always loved the Easter season, it reminds me of love and sacrifice and is always a time for family! It was a little hard being away from my family this year but I have to say I had a great Easter weekend here in Orvieto! We had a four day weekend because Italy observes the Monday after Easter as Pasquetta (little Easter) and Easter in Italian is Pasqua.

Our weekend started out with a Friday morning history lecture, not the norm because we have lectures on Tuesday and we do daytrips on Friday but this week was a little different. A lot of people took this long weekend as an opportunity to travel so there were very few of us in Orvieto.

Tourist season is picking up here in Orvieto and Easter weekend was no exception! So many people! It was pure insanity, a lot of people were here visiting because of our beautiful Duomo and also there just happened to be a chocolate festival that weekend.

Yes, you heard me a chocolate festival! It was the best way to start the weekend, so much chocolate! I had fresh strawberries with chocolate and whipped cream, also chocolate bark with almonds! So delicious, yummmmmmm!

Saturday was very busy! We went to the market to get groceries for dinner because we were having our Italian friends over for American breakfast for dinner, more on that excitement later. Then we spent a few hours at a winery eating and tasting wine. We went to the Neri Winery and tried two whites and a red, there were about seven of us so it was a good group! The food and the wine was amazing, I am going to try and bring some back to the states! To top it off there was an adorable terrier who liked to like your face when you picked her up, needless to say I was in heaven!

We came back to Orvieto just in time to go to the free concert at the Duomo. The show this year was a famous pianist whose name I don’t know but he was really fascinating to watch and listen too! Even though I have no idea what he said I could tell he was a little weird and eccentric like most great musicians haha.

After the concert we proceeded to head home and start breakfast for our Italian friends. I learned a lot about cooking for boys that evening. Now matter what culture boys will ALWAYS eat twice as much as you think which will in turn leave you with nothing….

It was a little chaotic but so much fun! Italians don’t really understand the concept of our breakfast so we made them French toast with fruit eggs, bacon, and potatoes. In comparison to the usual sweet pastry and espresso Italians have for breakfast this was definitely a change for them, but they seemed to like it, considering they ate everything and we had to make extras for ourselves!

After our dinner things took a turn for the interesting/chaotic, we were playing games in the living room and one of our Italian friends Valerio, got up and somehow hit his head on the underside of the stairs. Not really noticing to much he bent down in pain holding his head and we didn’t think to much of it until he moved his hands and there was blood everywhere!  Immediately everyone jumped into action and started to help Valerio or clean up the blood. It got crazy fast!! Luckily the guys knew exactly what to do and soon the bleeding stopped and all was calm again!

Valerio had a pretty good sized gash but insisting he was fine we headed to our regular hangout Bar Duomo. Later we found out he went to the hospital by himself at three am to get stiches. Crazy right!

Sunday was Easter and we went to service at the beautiful Duomo, I’ve been a few times before and even though I have no idea what they are saying, the familiar traditions make me feel at home. We didn’t have a lot of plans for the day, just relaxing and cooking a nice meal in the evening. Well our friend Valerio decided to kidnap us and take us to one of his favorite places nearby in Torre del Fiore. It was such a great surprise, we walked around the little town say the tower and walked along some country roads before eating some gelato. It was a great surprise for the day and it was also beautiful outside so that was ten times better!

My roommates and I minus our dear Lindsey because she was in Prague cooked a nice Easter meal and relaxed for the evening. On Monday it is tradition for Italians to go to the lake or the sea for a picnic. So a big group of americans and Italians got together and we went to the lake in nearby Bolsano. It was about the most perfect day ever! We laid in the sun and ate some delicious food, played games and right before we left to get gelato, a few of us decided to be brave and jump in the water. I don’t know if it was brave or stupid, only stayed in about one minute for fear of hypothermia! The rest of the day we wandered around the craft market, came home and rested a bit and then met up with our Italian friends again for dinner.

The weekend was very busy but it was so amazing and worth it! One of the weekends I will definitely remember from my time here!